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This page lists the people currently involved in the SGPS Project community. You are welcome to contribute in the way you wish or you like the most. However, since we want to create a big system, we try not to repeat work done by other people. If you want to contribute in a specific part, check here to make sure someone else isn't already working on it. This is a desirable point but not required, we insist you are welcome to contribute doing whatever you think could be helpful!

If you have any doubt, or want detailed information, do not hesitate to contact administrators.


Community lead

Javier V. Gómez (JotauVe) is the SGPS community founder and lead. He is responsible for bringing together everyone interested in SGPS and tries to coordinate the project's efforts and the people who work on them. He also serves as a point-of-contact between the SGPS community and other projects, companies, and the general public.



Wiki maintenance, mailing list (when available) and other administrative tasks:

  • Javier V. Gómez (JotauVe)
  • Borja Fernández (TracKy) - runs the server and Wiki software.

SGPS Theoretical Development

SGPS Implementation

  • Javier V. Gómez (JotauVe) - C/C++.
  • Borja Fernández (TracKy) - C/C++ simulations and algorithms testing.
  • Isaac Rivero - C/C++ library development.
  • Jorge García - SGPS Android app developer.
  • Jose Pardeiro (Endher) - Matlab implementations.
  • Teresa Fernández - Arduino implementation.
  • Luis Panes - WSN SGPS implementation.

SGPS Documentation

  • Javier V. Gómez (JotauVe) - Wiki update and program documentation.
  • Borja Fernández (TracKy) - Wiki update and program documentation.
  • Thanks to Miguel A. Calles for the awesome logo!
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