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What is the current SGPS Project state?

The project is continuosly developing. It is an open research project in which there is always something to do, especially now that we have just born. We are currently working, for example, in including HUE information to improve the accuracy, studying how to create a sensor network...

How do I contact with the contributor or administrators?

There is a People page where you can find all the people contributing to the project. Click on their names (or pseudo-names) to see contact details.

By the moment we have neither forum nor mailing list, but we use the Community Portal as a provisional way to communicate to the whole community. We hope to have a mailing list soon.

I just need help with the wiki and MediaWiki

Help page will assist you ;)


Who can join the community?

EVERYONE. This is an open community so everyone can join and contribute.

How can I join the community?

Contact one of the admins of the website (JotauVe) and tell them to create an account for you. Please, indicate the desired nickname. Sorry this has to be done this way, but a lot of spammers bot register otherwise.

Once the account is created, add yourself to the People page, say on what are you contributing and also create your wiki personal page (example: JotauVe) with some information about yo.

What can I do for contributing?

Whatever you think that can be helpful for the community or for the SGPS. In the Contributing page we have a list where the main contribution ways are outlined. If you decide to contributing, just write it in the People page. Any page of the wiki can be modified by registered users, except the main page. We trust the community members.

How can I contribute?

Just sharing. As said in the previous point, everyone can do whatever which is helpful to the community or to the SGPS. If you work a lot, but you do not share the work, you are not contributing.

SGPS Project

How is the project structured?

There are two main parts included in Documentation:

  • Theoretical and algoritms: in this part all the theoretical part is detailed. Mathematical models, proposed algorithms, formulas...
  • Implementation: all the possible ways of implementing the SGPS go here. Hardware implementation and the correspondent software is here. Here you can find schemas, source code, etc.

Where do I upload my contributions?

It depends on what you are contributing:

  • For theoretical or implementation contributions go to the Documentation page and look for the place were you contribution fits the best. If that does not exist, create it.
  • For wiki, documentation or other kind of contributions go to the page which fits the best. If it does not exist, create it!

What are the steps to contribute?

We want as little bureaucracy as possible. When contributing just be sure to comply the Project Policies. If you are updating an already existing wiki page, please, use the "Discussion" label corresponding to each page (top left) to add some comments about the update.

Can I publish about this work or about my contributions?

Of course. Since this is a research project, if you want to write a paper for a conference or journal, do it. We encourage people to participate in this way giving a more scientific look to the project. However, do not forget the license terms(Project Policies) when writing. This does not mean that we have to be authors of the papers but to appear in knowledge or at least citating the base SGPS paper (papers) is required because of the current adopted licenses.

What do I do if I cannot find an answer here?

Go to the People page and contact the administrators or contributors or use the Community Portal :)

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