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This page contains all the information about the project: theoretical algorithms, implementations and all the results obtained so far.

The base paper is available here for free. We detail all the information in the following sections.

NOTE: All files are stored in our public FTP. You can enter the FTP with username and leave the password blank. Other easier option is to use the following link directly: This FTP is not working/necessary anymore.


Papers and Reports

Newest publications first:

Related & Interesting Publications

Talks and Presentations


Base System Description: Definition of the basic system, what are its objectives.

Celestial Model: Formulae to find out the earth coordinates using sunlight.

Simulations: Testing the algorithm supposing a perfect sunrise and sunset detection.

Equation of Time: What it is and how to use it.

Fractional days: Why are a problem and how to manage them.

Limitations: Known limitations so far.

Equinoxes: Why they are a problem.

NOTE: We think that it is better to go to the MAIN SGPS PAPER for the basic theoretical information (the information previously displayed here was pretty much the same).

  • Angle-based SGPS: (Under development) Current research on how to compute the localization from the incidence angles of the sun on the earth.
  • SGPSNet: SGPS Network, first steps towards a self-locating Wireless Sensor Network with SGPS.

Implementations and Software

  • Basic C/C++: Base program written in C/C++ to analyze sunlight data.
  • Iterative SGPS: Matlab/Octave algorithm to find out the coordinates by Iterative ICM (Inverse Celestial Model).
  • Android SGPS: An implementation for testing the SGPS in Android devices.
  • SGPSNet: The source code is included the explanatory page.


  • SGPS Results: Files containing the results of the application of the basic SGPS algorithm to the NOAA FTP dataset.
  • SGPS Network results: Given together with the source code. The results are in data/results.mat. More info in the README file included and in SGPSNet.


The main experiment we carried out is detailed in the MAIN SGPS PAPER using NOAA FTP dataset and the Basic C/C++ program.


Please, refer to the MAIN SGPS PAPER to find the related references.

Other Interesting Documentation

  • AA+ Library: It is a C++ implementation for the algorithms as presented in the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus.
  • LDR GPS: The same idea as SPGS but a little bit simpler. Based on the AVR Butterfly module.
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