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Anyone may make contributions to the SGPS Project. If we all participate, each one of us work a little bit but we can come up with an awesome system! Ask to the administrators here if you want to contribute or if you have any questions.

  • 05/02/2012: We are looking for community main contributors! Mainly, we need help with: mailing lists, social networks, repositories, language checking, design... Join us!

There are several ways that community members can contribute:


Spread SGPS

We think that the idea is a very powerful one, but not well-know yet. Just tell about SGPS to your friends, mates, professors, students... This is the most important way of contributing to the SGPS Project!

Assist administrative tasks

At times the project lead may ask for help with managing the project and delegate tasks to trusted community members. This may include maintaining the website, mailing list, or forum, doing PR or other communications, or support activities for developers.

Implementing the system

One of the main ways of contributing is to implement the system by yourself (in the way you prefer) and post in the wiki a brief report of your hardware, measurement strategy, results obtained, and so on. This way, we can get many many results from many different locations, different hardware and software, but with the same main algorithms. Posting the code and harware connection schemas could be also really helpful.

Testing an already implemented system

It is not enough to test the system implemented, for example in Arduino, once in one specific place. The same implementation can have different perfomances on different places or working under different conditions. If you do not want to implement the system, but you want to test it, just download one of the implementations posted on the wiki and report us the results you obtained. Getting lots of results is the best way of improving the robustness of the system.

Improving and creating the algorithms

If you have any interesting idea to improve the proposed algorithms, you are welcome to contribute!

Improving and creating source code

You can also contribute checking, creating and improved the posted source code.

Writing or improving documentation

We try to document everything (both algorithms and programs) as well as we can. But if it is not clear, please tell us or edit the documentation by yourself.

Improving the wiki site

We know that the wiki site is not perfect and it may be a little bit confusing some times (or even we have bad documentation). From simple feedback in the discussion pages to contributing to editing the wiki site is welcome.

Checking the language

Most of us do not speak english as mother tongue. Therefore, english spell checking is also a good way to contribute to the community!

Answer questions and assist new members

If we are many answering questions,users will have a faster and better support.


We have a few ideas in which we are working on (or in which we plan to work on). Develop and implement these ideas will make the system grow!

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